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How are they going to be ready for prep when they play all day?

Jane Bobbermein - Wednesday, February 24, 2016

This is the question that many parents including yourself may have wondered when you hear what today’s Prep children are learning when they start formal schooling.

At Grandma’s Place we are not just getting your child ready for Prep but ready to learn in an environment where play is the core of everyday learning opportunities. For example, children learn about numbers from everyday opportunities that mean something to them. Let’s look at counting forwards and backwards. Children begin learning to count from a very young age. Even as toddlers and babies children are learning order and sequencing. Songs, rhymes, counting toes, toys, and story books introduce children to the skills of counting in a fun interactive way.

Adults play a key role in modelling and supporting children to explore counting concepts during play and real life experiences. On any given day at Grandma’s Place our highly trained teachers are intentionally planning opportunities for your child to learn to count forwards and backwards.

Here are just some of examples of learning experiences during the first two hours in the Kindy room:

• Counting how many friends are here today 
• Bowling – counting how many pins each child knocked down 
• Singing – Five little candles burning brightly for child’s birthday. Counting down as each candle is blown out. 
• Number related songs such a Doctor Knickerbocker number 9. 
• Counting how many blocks it took to build a tower as high as the child 
• Board games – counting numbers on the dice and moving spaces on the board

So many teachable moments, so many meaningful learning opportunities and so many times children are learning to count.


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