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What are the steps when learning to count?

Jane Bobbermein - Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The first steps of learning to count start by using a sequence of counting words, starting from one. Once children become familiar with the sequence e.g. 1,2,3 they are able to then start identifying the number that comes before for after a number without having to start at one.

Counting forwards and backwards is essential knowledge for early addition and subtraction, and strategies such as counting on and counting back.

So what does our Kindy Curriculum say about learning to count?

At Grandma’s Place we are guided by the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines (Queensland Studies Authority 2010). The guideline states "A kindergarten child who is an effective communicator explores and engages with numeracy in personally meaningful ways."

Knowledge skills and dispositions include (Queensland Studies Authority 2010, p. 62):

• An interest in counting and recording numbers for play and real purposes 

• Skills for identifying and comparing the number of objects in small collections. For example match, point, and say the numbers in a sequence.


Author: Nat Virtue – Curriculum Leader




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