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You can afford quality Kindergarten and Childcare!

Thanks to the introduction of the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) for eligible families in July 2018, quality Kindergarten and child care is more affordable than ever.

Most families are also eligible for Child Care Subsidy, meaning that you pay only a fraction of the daily fee, depending on your family income and activity test arrangements.

Every family’s fee information is different. Grandma’s Place will advise families of their out of pocket daily fees during tours and prior to enrolment.


The below table shows average daily fees in the Mackay area in 2018. This demonstrates how much (or little) child care actually costs after Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is applied.

Average fees for Mackay area 



These out of pocket fees include your full entitlement to CCS, based on your CCS % assessed by Centrelink.

If your CCS is 85%, your out of pocket child care expense ranges from $12.75 to $17.25 per day, depending on the daily fee. A huge difference from the full daily fee.

EXAMPLE: Take the example of Jacinta & Barron Jones, a local couple with 2 small children, Samantha and Riley. Barron works for a local business and Jacinta works part time at a hairdresser in the city. Their family income is $90,000 and both Samantha and Riley attend child care three days a week. The family’s assessed Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is 77.32% and the Jones’s out of pocket Kindergarten and childcare fees will be just under $172 per week. That’s an average of $28.50 per day per child, fully inclusive of meals, incidentals and an awesome early learning program!

All families will receive between 85% and 50% CCS, unless your family income exceeds $251,000 + per annum (in which case it slides down gradually to 20%).  However, please note that the Activity Test needs to be met in order to recieve CCS; please refer to Centrelink fact sheets for more information.  Please note that there is an exemption in place for Kindergarten and you can access more than one day; please discuss with our team when you enquire.

The new CCS system provides more support to more families, making the cost of quality Kindergarten and childcare more affordable than previously thought.

For more information about Child Care Subsity and the new childcare package, visit the My Child website for more information.

* See Family Assistance website for further information about meeting the work/study test.

The information regarding CCS on this page is for explanatory purposes only & we take no responsibility for incorrect information, nor future changes to government funding for child care services. Please contact Family Assistance Office (Ph: 13 61 50) to discuss your individual circumstances & determine your individual entitlements.

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