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Kindy Program

The importance of learning through play

Grandma's Place is an approved Kindergarten with the Queensland Department of Education. This means your child has access to a high quality educational program, with qualified teachers, plus all the benefits of a long daycare centre.

We currently employ five qualified teachers, two of which lead the Kindergarten program. Both the Senior and Junior Kindergarten programs are led by qualified teachers. Using play based curriculum, our teaching staff are focused on holistic, inclusive, play-based learning programs. These programs incorporate literacy and numeracy, as well as social, emotional and physical development which are so important for pre-school age children.

Prep readiness is about so much more than a child being able to recognise their own name and count to twenty; it’s also about their social and emotional readiness, ability to look after their possessions, self-care skills, capacity to think creatively, and skills to work collaboratively with other children. Providing a program that is dedicated to developing all aspects of your child will give them the best tools for being Prep ready.

Our curriculum follows the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), which is a national framework that promotes play based learning as best practice; we are also guided by the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline specifically for Kindergarten.

Promoted by psychologist Lev Vygotsky, play based learning is the idea that play is a vehicle for children making meaning of their world. Play and learning stimulate each other, therefore there is no learning without play. It does not, however, mean that the educators allow children to play and do whatever they want. It involves educators guiding, extending and evaluating children as they play to engage them more deeply in the learning process and extending their knowledge.

We believe it is critical that Early Learning and Kindergarten is not formalised instruction, to ensure that the child’s growth and development is optimised and not limited to just literacy and numeracy before starting Primary School.

Why Kindergarten at Grandma's Place?

High Quality – we have two qualified Teachers leading our program, supported by an amazing team of Educators and our Curriculum Leader, all using the Department of Education’s own approved curriculum, the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline.

Flexibility – you get to choose your days and number of days, as well as the option of Kindy or long daycare hours to suit your family.

In-house chef quality home cooked meals prepared on site daily, which are free of nasty additives and preservatives.

Affordable – depending on your family's individual arrangements, our Kindergarten program (which includes meals!) may be cheaper than a community kindergarten.

Junior Kindergarten option – your children can enrol in Junior Kindy for the year before Kindergarten, giving your child two years of fun, quality early learning and building friendships!


Queensland Government Approved

Grandma’s Place became an Approved Kindergarten with the Queensland Government in 2010, one of the first in the Mackay region. This program provides funding to support the delivery of a quality Kindergarten program—something we have prioritised since opening in 2009.

Click here to download a copy of the Kindergarten Program Statement of Fees. Please note that each family’s individual entitlements will significantly alter daily out of pocket fees; please enquire for a tour and an individualised fee quote.

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